Meet the Team

paul_camera Name: Paul

Role on the show: Writer, Graphic Designer, Host.

Occupation: Software Developer

Favourite table-top game: Chaos in the Old World

First ever board game: The Burger Game!

Hobbies (besides board games): PC Gaming, Reading (Fantasy Fiction and Comics mostly), D&D, Wargaming, Failing at skiing.


ming pretty Name: Ming

Role on the show: Host, Editor (getting rid of all the not so great bits).

Occupation: Medical Doctor.

Favourite table-top game: Carcassone. Mostly because it always involves beating Paul by sneakily stealing his fields.

First ever board game: Probably Scrabble. Or Junior Monopoly.

Hobbies (besides board games): Hiking, sailing, skiing, day-dreaming.

 oumaerchicken Name: Oumaer

Role on the show: Host

Occupation: Medical Doctor (Honest)

Favourite table-top game: Zombicide (a co-op enthusiast)

First ever board game: Game of Life

Hobbies (besides board games): Airsoft, Snow Boarding, Guitar, D&D.

Name: Hazel

Role on the show: Guest Gamer

Occupation: Science Teacher

Favourite table-top game: Zombicide

First ever board game: Bewitched

Hobbies (besides board games): Hoola-Hooping, Yoga, Belly Dancing…

Name: Brian

Role on the show: Guest Gamer

Occupation: Science Overlord (Technician)

Favourite table-top game: Netrunner

First ever board game: Frustration

Hobbies (besides board games): Football, Scuba Diving, Rock Climbing.